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    5 Natural Ways To Help With Depression

    5 Natural Ways To Help With Depression

    Mood disorders such as depression are a struggle that many people face, and although there are pharmaceutical medications that can be used to treat (especially for extreme cases) there are also natural remedies and alternative medicines that people may consider. We have taken the time to compile easy and factual alternatives to medicine.

    1. St. John’s Wort

    St. John’s Wort is a flowering plant that when dried down can be used as a natural remedy/ alternative medicine. St. John’s wort can be a natural remedy for depression because it has the ability to balance hormones. An imbalance of hormones is sometimes the culprit for emotional states, by balancing hormones St. John’s Wort aids in stabilizing mood. St. John’s wort can be purchased on its own or found within blends such as tea. The Amazing Tea Company carries one tea with the helping herb; “Ladies Bliss”.

    1. Exercise

    I know, I know, you’ve heard this one before and that it might not be something you want to do but making room for 30 minutes of exercise a day has a significant impact on our moods. There are a few reasons how exercise is great for depression; exercise releases endorphins, a neurotransmitter that decreases the feeling of pain both physical and mental. Exercise does not need to be intensive in order to get these benefits. Exercise also releases proteins called neurotrophic that cause nerve cells to grow and make connections, this improved brain function makes you feel better! The brain region that regulates mood in people who are depressed is smaller, so the new cell growth is important!


    Consider Yoga and Zumba, that can be done anywhere with YouTube!

    1. 5-Htp

    5-Htp, also known as oxitriptan, is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor as well as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is commonly called "the happy" chemical because of its importance in the balance of our happiness and overall well-being. Some mood disorders are caused by a lack of serotonin and the inability to create serotonin naturally so using serotonin’s sister chemical 5-Htp can aid in getting the happiness rolling. 5-Htp can be bought in the vitamins aisle of your local drug stores!

    1. Vitamin D

    Sun, Sun, mister golden sun please shine down on me… literally. Sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D which has a significant influence on mood because when synthesized helps cell communication and regulation. It is common for Canadians to experience SAD, Seasonal Affect Disorder also known as seasonal depression during the winters and the main culprit is the lack of sunlight we are getting. There are two ways you can change that, take time to go for a walk everyday which can also count as low-intensity exercise (2 birds 1 stone), sunlight lamps, or get yourself a handy dandy bottle of vitamin D at your local drug store.

    1. Proper Sleep

    Another one you’ve heard before and might struggle with, but the body needs sleep in order to repair cells and is a necessity for cell growth. A regulated sleeping pattern is required for proper brain function. Ways to get this going are; try to sleep at the same time every night by reducing screen time/ blue light within an hour of bedtime. Try placing lavender under your pillow or next to your bed for relaxation. Try melatonin which is a naturally occurring chemical that aids in sleep that is in your vitamin aisle once again or try a sleepy time tea! The Amazing Tea Company has a few staples for relaxation and sleep, “Organic Sleepy Time”, “Artists Healing”, “Wellness Serenity”, and  “Lavender is Super Dilly”.

    Tea lovers, please take care of yourselves. Mental health is just as important as physical health. If your mental state starts to deteriorate so does every aspect of your life. Take the proper steps, whatever that may be for you, to be happy.

    8 Budget Friendly Hacks for Your Left Over Tea Leaves!

    8 Budget Friendly Hacks for Your Left Over Tea Leaves!

    We are all here because we love a good loose-leaf tea and all the internal benefits, we receive from drinking these bountiful blends, but how can we get even more bang for our buck with loose leaf tea? Tea leaves do not only create a tasty healthy beverage they can also be used in our daily household lives. Save yourself a few bucks and learn what to do when you’re finished brewing your tea. Don’t reach for the trash can, here are a few ways that you can reuse your tea leaves!

    1. Facial Masks and Exfoliants
      Green tea, matcha, and rooibos teas make great masks for the skin. Green tea and rooibos are both great for their antioxidants and provide nutrients to the skin. They can reduce swelling, help with dark under eyes, and gently exfoliate the skin.
    2. Fridge Odor
      Sun dry your tea leaves after brewing, throw them in a little bowl or porous bag and throw them in the fridge. The tea leaves absorb the odours and emit their pervasive floral aroma.
    1. Cooking Odor
      Although cooking a home cooked meal is always rewarding there are some foods that leave a strong scent such as fish and curry. Use your old tea leaves rid you of the left-over smell, dry your tea leaves and chop them on a cutting board or roll them with a rolling pin to expel the tea aromas to absorb the food scents.
    1. Relaxation
      After brewing your calming teas such as lavender you can dry them out and place them next to your bed or under your pillow for help with falling asleep at night, help to stay asleep and general calming effect on the mind. You could also brew them again in a bath to get those calming benefits while bathing and on the skin.
    1. Fertilize plants/ Compost (Suggested by a few of our followers!)
      Collect your daily tea leaves in a tin and sprinkle them over your flower beds and the nutrient-rich leaves will help plants grow especially rose plants. To create your own fertilizer, add tea leaves to your usual compost to add to your garden once a month.
    1. Get Rid of Bugs
      You can get rid of those pesky fruit flies or little bugs around the house by sun-drying your tea leaves then burning them wherever those bugs may be bugging you!
    1. Clean Carpets
      Carpet is always a pesky thing to keep clean especially when it is collecting odor; sprinkle your damp tea leaves over your carpet to absorb dust and odor, let them sit for a little before vacuuming.
    1. Incense
      Have you ever wished you could smell your favourite tea all day or your bedroom smell like it when you walk in – add a few leaves to your herbal incense pot and burn away for the lasting aroma of your favourite tea.

    I don’t know about you but I will definitely be trying a few of these budget and environment friendly tea leaf hacks this weekend! Stop letting those leaves go to waste.

    What To Drink During Caribana Weekend in Toronto

    What To Drink During Caribana Weekend in Toronto

    Calling all Caribbean’s and those who just love the music and vibe, it is that time of year again – CARIBANA! Grab your flags, dress in mas, and grab some tea this weekend. Yes, you heard me correctly grab some tea. Although tea might not fit with what you associate with Caribana I am about to change that. Caribana is a celebration of cultures with vibrancy and island flavour, much like The Amazing Tea Company’s top summer seller Caribbean Queen.

    We are celebrating the vibrancy of Caribbean culture with a tea that is equally as beautiful and abundant with tropical flavour. The tea carries a strong tropical fruit aroma and a tangy mildly sweet taste and is even better as an iced tea! This caffeine free beauty includes; Apple, Rosehip, Pineapple, Hibiscus petals, Coconut pieces, Papaya pieces, Natural Flavors. Don’t worry though everyone we are not skipping out on the benefits although it is a summery fun.

    Hibiscus flowers have many healing properties; helping to lower blood pressure is the first of a few. Several studies have found that hibiscus tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

    What To Drink During Caribana Weekend in Toronto

    The flower has been said to possibly have cancer fighting properties to it due to its high polyphenols, that are compounds that have been tested in cancer studies. Lastly hibiscus is a bacterium fighting tea! Bacteria is the cause to almost all infections so while you’re out dancing on the streets you can fight off any possible illness.

    Hibiscus might be the front line of the show when it comes to benefits the "pawty" does not stop there! Drinking pineapple in tea carries some surprising benefits like the ability to improve and stabilize mood. Pineapple contains an active ingredient called bromelain which is directly connected to reducing inflammation making it a great tea for arthritis and joint pain. Pineapple tea helps to alleviate water retention and is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that clarifies and hydrates the body. You’re going to need that hydration for Caribana.

    If you are ready to fete then Caribbean Queen is your best bet.

    How to Take Care of Your Skin from Within

    How to Take Care of Your Skin from Within

    Tea is more than a drink that fits perfectly into the concept of a cozy evening with your family. It is also able to strengthen the immune system, improve mood, cope with insomnia and raise energy to the optimum level.

    Some teas will not only improve your well-being but will make your skin smooth, velvety and radiant. These are rich with vitamins, amino acids, and catechism that slow down the aging process, stimulate the production of collagen in cells and reduce body fat.

    • Turmeric Spell - Organic

    Have you ever tried a tea that has unrealistic effects and fallen in love at first sight? Perhaps felt like the tea had cast a spell on you! The aroma is combined with turmeric, sweet orange and high-grade black tea. The Turmeric Spell includes the ingredients marigold flower, turmeric pieces, pineapple piece, black tea, orange slices, mango pieces, natural flavors, and papaya pieces all of which are quite beneficial for the skin from the vitamin c. The best part of considering this tea is, you can drink it hot and cold! 

    • Ageless Aphrodite Amaranth - Organic

    Those who want to look beautiful, prevent aging, acquire longevity, and improve their eyesight need to consider tea in which Amaranth is included. The Ageless Aphrodite Amaranth tea helps to improve the vision and provide nutrients to the skin to look beautiful. Drinking this tea regularly will prevent facing fatigue during those midday slumps . The tea comes with a mild floral and refreshing flavour. Enhance your beauty with this tea!

    • Watch Me Dance

    If you are experiencing acne problems and unpleasant skin lesions, seek help from tea - brewed lemongrass or chestnut. The Watch Me Dance tea is caffeine free as well as comes with the richest of vitamin C. The tea is made up of Rooibos, snow chrysanthemum, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric root, hibiscus petals, and carrots. Carrots also provide vitamin A, which is a staple in a good skincare routine. Dance your way over to great skin days.

    • Sunrise Turmeric

    A tea that makes you look just as beautiful as it does! For better skin care, it is essential to use the Sunrise Turmeric tea. We have talked about this tea in full detail before and all the benefits it provides the body but for a quick run down; turmeric, carrot, beetroot and pineapple provide the skin with essential antioxidants to clarify and repair. This tea will improve the turnover of skin cells and boost your mood all at once. Feel and look like the sunrise

    Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, phytonutrients, and the high antioxidant amount that help to boost the mood, decrease joint pain, improve human skin or provide relaxation to mind. Whenever to take this tea, you will feel motivation and inner satisfaction. 


    Internal glow is also important just like outer glow. Make the healthier choice, pick a tea that will be beneficial to your skin. Teas that taste just as good as they will make you look - feel good and look beautiful. Visit The Amazing Tea Company website and add some skincare to your basket, a one stop shop for health, taste and beauty.

    6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Hot Tea in The Summer

    6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Hot Tea in The Summer

    6 Reasons to Drink Hot Tea in Summer

    hotteaEver visited an eastern country and noticed the locals drinking hot tea, even on boiling summer days?

    It looks crazy to us. But to someone who understands the human body from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, westerners are committing the most ridiculous crime of them all: drinking iced drinks.

    Ok, so here’s why. The stomach is a ‘yang’ organ, meaning it has hot and active properties. It’s like the stove of the body; our internal fire must be kept burning in order to maintain our metabolism and energy. We need that fire to digest and assimilate food into nutrients for the entire bodily system.

    Water is ‘yin’, or cold, by nature. So the more we pour cold water into our bodies, the weaker that internal fire gets.

    Because the body is a mini-universe, if one thing is out of order, eventually everything else falls out of place. Here are some reasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine why replacing your ice water with a cup of warm tea is the ultimate act of self-love:

    1. It Cools You Down

    This may sound like the biggest paradox: ice actually triggers your body to heat up. When we drink cold water in summer, our bodies have to compensate for the difference in temperature by heating up more, which leads to even more overheating and related conditions like sunstroke and dizziness. Drinking warm tea allows the body to relax, calm down, and cool itself down to a normal homeostatic temperature (equilibrium) without needing to compensate for the difference in temperature.

    2. It Helps you Digest.

    In hot, humid, summer weather, our bodies can accumulate too much internal ‘heat’ and ‘damp’ energies that can become pathogenic and cause illness. The digestive organs are particularly vulnerable to this. Consuming icy food and drinks weaken our digestive function, especially after a meal, as they restrict blood flow to the digestive system. Sipping warm tea during and after meals helps to keep your digestive organs happy.


    3. It Keeps Your Immune System Strong.

    Warm teas promote circulation and nutrient absorption in the body. Consuming cold drinks speed up the gastrointestinal tract, so organs cannot properly absorb nutrition. Over time, if the body isn’t receiving sufficient nutrients needed for growth and repair, organs become more vulnerable to coldness and related illnesses.

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    4. It Keeps Your Lungs Healthy.

    Yep, lung disease is not just related to smoking and genetics. Long term accumulation of cold in the body can really weaken lung function to the point of developing chronic diseases like sinus infections, allergies, hay fever and asthma. TCM teaches that the stomach is the ‘mother’ of the lung; a strong stomach is needed for healthy lung function. On a more immediate level, excessive cold entering the body also causes blood vessels in the throat to constrict, and a weak throat is vulnerable to invasion by pathogenic energies. This is why you were hopefully fed chicken soup instead of ice cream when you had colds as a child! Warmer body = healthier lungs.

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    5. It Prevents Reproductive Issues.

    Drinking warm tea promotes healthy blood flow. Excessive consumption of cold water can negatively affect the reproductive system, causing menstrual disorders, cramps and eventually impaired physiological functions like infertility. Over-accumulation of cold also creates moisture and dampness: the perfect conditions for things like bacteria, Candida, and parasites.


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    6. It Helps You Lose Weight!

    One of the silliest things I heard growing up was that ice water speeds up your metabolism. Not only does ice literally extinguish the internal heat that is your metabolism, cold environments literally help to solidify fat within your body. Think of how the fat goes hard when you put sautéed food in the fridge. No need to do that to your stomach too. Warm liquids can help to ensure that fat stores are used for energy, which is why teas are considered a major aid in weight loss. And if portion control is your issue, ditching the ice can help you get back into touch with your body’s fullness signals: putting ice on your stomach is going to reduce sensations and swelling in the same way as when you ice a bruise.

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    Ok – drinking warm tea instead of an iced drink in summer may take some getting used to (although it is so very important). Ease into it. You don’t need to force down boiling hot tea when you’re sunbathing: TCM suggests that our drinks only need to be as warm as body temperature in order to help balance energy in the stomach.

    Try it out, and see how you feel. It’s always interesting to notice which health practices are maintained as customary in different cultures: could the longevity of these traditions be a sign of how well they work?  It may be sad to say goodbye to your jumbo iced-teas, but give this eastern health tip a chance. It comes from civilizations that have evolved to survive the hottest, desert climates.

    Work with your body, and see how it changes!

    Choose from a wide selection of herbal teas

    Amazing Summer Teas and save Save 20% when you use the discount code THANKYOU20



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