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    Spring Is Coming - So Spring Forward On Your Goals!

    Spring Is Coming - So Spring Forward On Your Goals!

    The time has sprung forward, the sun is out longer, and Spring is just around the corner tea lovers. Spring is the beginning of new life in nature, so why shouldn’t it be an awakening of new life within us as well?

    Detoxing is always a great way to cleanse the body of impurities and give yourself a fresh start, The Amazing Tea Company sells just the right one to cleanse away the winter blues and even the extra sweets and wine I may or may not have indulged in during the past few months.

    Spring Forward Detox is a herbal blend of all the right ingredients including Dandelion, Licorice root, and Burdock root, to kick start your spring goals and kick out bad habits. I know you may be thinking dandelion is that annoying wanna-be flower that makes you sneeze and trust me when I say prior to their fluffy annoying state, dried down and brewed in a tea creates an abundance of benefits to the body! Dandelion tea has the ability to fight inflammation, aid in controlling blood sugar, and help to cleanse your liver of toxins.

    Those annoying little buggers are not the only great ingredient though Licorice root tea soothes gastrointestinal problems and fights bacteria in the gut, can cleanse the respiratory system, and even reduce stress. Both ingredients also have the extra bonus of making your skin look better! Spring Forward Detox doesn’t just stop there with its benefits though in combination with remaining ingredients it has the capability to aid in weight loss, and improve immune function.

    It has excellent benefits and even taste great mildly sweet cause of the licorice root, floral with a fresh ginger finish. I personally keep this tea in my cabinets for those days when I feel like I just need the extra boost in a healthy routine. I have used it when I felt like I was getting sick to help fight off bacteria, after being ill to get me back on my feet and ready for a new week. I have also used it when I’ve gone on a bit of a binge with the sweets. 

    So whether your spring goals are for weight loss, health reason, or even just to feel fresh for work this is the way to start a journey of GREAT decisions springing forward like the clock!

    spring forward teatox detox by the amazing tea compay what is teatox  how to detox

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    How To Get a Summer Glow Without The Summer Weather - Skincare Junkies Fav

    How To Get a Summer Glow Without The Summer Weather - Skincare Junkies Fav

    I cannot be the only one who has spent a ridiculous amount of money on skin care products, whether I need them or not I am always looking for the next best thing to give my skin that extra boost.

    Who would've thought I would get that in a tea! I recently went on a hunt for a tea for my skin (combination acne prone skin), of course, everyone knows about green tea but I wanted to try something different. So I hopped on The Amazing Tea Company’s website, hit the Wellness options and found “Sunrise Turmeric”.

    So I’m sure you’ve all heard of turmeric and it’s bountiful benefits but just in case you haven’t let me give you a quick rundown of the magical orange root. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant with incredible anti-inflammatory properties, when ingested can help to fight off the majority of diseases by killing bacteria which is also important for our skin. BUT WAIT there's more, for us Canadians during the winter months can really get people down known as season depression, turmeric boost brain areas that help to improve mood and brain function. So not only summer skin but a summer mood!

    Sunrise Turmeric also contains Carrots, Ginger, Beet Root, And Pineapple pieces ingredients that aid in that extra skincare boost with more antioxidants to fight bacteria and a ton of Vitamin C, which we all know as the skin care ingredient to fight aging for a youthful glow. The tea might not sound like it would taste the best but it has a surprisingly sweet tangy taste with a mild ginger finish, what's even cooler is the colour when steeped is a deep orangey-purple because of the beets.

    I’ve been drinking the tea daily for a while now and can attest to improved look of my skin! So for all my tea lovers, fellow Canadians or anyone in a cold area, and skincare junkies, Sunrise Turmeric is the perfect way to get sunshine in a cup!

    How to Wake Up Feeling Great - Starting Your Day on the Right Foot

    How to Wake Up Feeling Great - Starting Your Day on the Right Foot



    Taking a look at the Amazing Tea Company’s energizing teas I decided to put one to the test for five days of the week and see if these energy teas are really all they are hyped up to be. Being someone who is regularly on the go but also has a low caffeine tolerance I needed a tea to perk me up in the mornings and that mid-afternoon slump, minimal caffeine, and an added bonus if it was tasty!

    how to wake up on the right foot every day the amazing tea company

    After browsing the wide selection of teas I chose “Wake Up”, a herbal tea blend of gynostemma leaves, green mate, and spearmint. Gynostemma leaves have been used traditionally by the Chinese as a source to improve energy, endurance, and help fight fatigue. Apart from boosting energy legend has it that gynostemma leaves provide longevity, people who drank the tea religiously lived longer and fewer diseases in comparison to those who did not. BUT why stop there, gynostemma is not the only great ingredient in this tea, green mate known for its energy boosting abilities still holds many benefits. Green mate will not only keep you up but the high antioxidants reduce the risk of infection, regulate blood sugar, boost your immune system, and improve cognitive function! These two ingredients alone were enough to get me on board but the spearmint added a flavour boost, fresh breath, and soothed the stomach.


    how to wake up on the right foot every day the amazing tea company blog

    I began my five-day journey on a Monday where a lot of work needed to be done, I had the tea first thing in the morning, before breakfast - fun fact, teas low in caffeine are great to have when people are in a fasted state. Upon the first try, the tea emitted a bold spearmint aroma, reminiscent of icy mint gum with a flavour that paired equally. I could not necessarily pinpoint a jolt of energy like some coffee drinkers may attest to, but I will say I noticed an alertness and general upbeat feeling which was a great way to start off a busy week!

     how to get through a busy day the amazing tea company

    By the time I got around to Thursday, I had hit a serious midday slump but quickly remembered I could have the tea since there is no caffeine drinking it midday would not affect my sleep later that night. So I steeped up a cup of Wake Up, but this time decided to make it as an iced tea before hitting the gym. Not only did the tea taste just as great, maybe even better iced but I made it to the gym after a long day. My physical performance felt improved and the boost of energy lead to a killer workout.

    killer workout with tea for energy the amazing tea company

    After five days of using this one tea, I can truly say I am a believer in Energy teas now. Being able to find something suitable for my lifestyle and not harsh on my body really made the experience even better. I accomplished a lot, never once felt jittery, and got to enjoy a delicious cup of tea every day. Honestly what more could you ask for? Felt a little superhuman this week, thank you Wake Up!


    Matcha Green Tea & Cancer

    Matcha Green Tea & Cancer

    Matcha green tea kills cancer stem cells in tests.

    Matcha, the green tea packed with antioxidants, is often hailed as containing properties which prevent disease. Scientists in Salford, UK have shed a ray of light on the claim by testing it on cancer stem cells – with surprising results.
    In research published in the journal Aging, a team from the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Salford, used metabolic phenotyping on cell lines of breast cancer stem cells and found that matcha "shifted cancer cells towards a quiescent metabolic state" and stopped their spread at a relatively low concentration (0.2 mg/ml).

    matcha green tea and cancer the amazing tea company

    They also found that the signaling pathways that promote cancer stem cells indicated that matcha "strongly affected mTOR signals, weakening components of the 40S ribosome." This raised the possibility that matcha could be used in place of chemical drugs such as rapamycin.

    Michael Lisanti, professor of translational medicine at the centre, explained: "Matcha green tea is a natural product used as a dietary supplement with great potential for a range of treatments. But the molecular mechanism underpinning all that remains largely unknown.

    "By using metabolic phenotyping, we found that the tea is suppressing oxidative mitochondrial metabolism – in other words, it is preventing the cells from 're-fuelling,' and therefore, they become inactive and die.

    "The effects on human breast cancer cells were very striking, the active ingredients in matcha having a surgical effect in knocking out certain signaling pathways. Our results are consistent with the idea that matcha may have significant therapeutic potential, mediating the metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells."

    Gettys Image - the amazing tea company - matcha and breast cancer
    Getty Images

    The team, which specializes in identifying nontoxic methods of killing cancer stem cells, recently found that an Earl Grey tea ingredient, bergamot, kills cancer cells and works as an anti-cholesterol agent.

    Original post:  Medical Xpress

    Herbal Tea Does the Body Good - Benefits of Lemon and Mint Tea

    Herbal Tea Does the Body Good - Benefits of Lemon and Mint Tea

    Lemon and mint tea is a naturally caffeine-free tea with a strong aroma and flavour of mint because of its menthol content. This is an excellent herb tea that detoxifies, rejuvenates and soothes your body. 


    Mint leaves also known as pudina or mint derived from the Greek word Mintha is a genus of flowering plants from the Lamiaceae family.  Mint is well-known for the fragrance and cool refreshing taste. Mint can be either used as fresh leaves or dried and is the best source of mint in cooking.  Mint leaves are used in teas, beverages, jellies, syrups, candies and ice creams.

    benefits of mint tea the amazing tea company

    Gettys Images

    Lemon is packed with nutrients and health benefits. From digestion aid to fatigue buster, lemons are a great natural remedy. Lemons are a favourite all over the world and essential food in kitchens everywhere. They are acidic to the taste but are alkaline-forming in the body. In fact, they are one of the most alkaline-forming foods; this makes them great for balancing a highly acidic condition in the body. You can try The Amazing Tea Company Lemon Mint Sunburst tea hot or iced.


    lemon tea the amazing tea company

    Gettys Images

    Overall any tea made with fresh herbs is a much better and healthier drink than sugary juices, cream loaded coffees, sodas, artificially flavoured beverages etc. Fresh herb teas have amazing nutritional values, are fresh and natural in taste and provides some excellent health benefits like:

    • It is generally said that drinking herb tea just before bed is very relaxing to the mind and nerves.
    • This tea can help with soothing your stomach and improves digestion.
    • Herb teas come with healthy amounts of potassium, calcium and vitamin B, which are all useful components to fight against colds, cough and 
    • This tea works as a detoxifier and cleanses the body while boosting your immune system.
    • Having mint & lemon tea relieves headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.
    • Mint has a high content of salicylic acid that helps prevent skin blemishes, pimples and get rid of blackheads.
    • Mint leaves are very popular in aromatherapy.
    • It is said that drinking a glass of milk (or milk substitute such almond milk or soya milk) and adding a few mint leaves can relieve abdominal pain.
    • Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that work against infections like the flu and colds.
    • Lemon & Mint tea can re-hydrate your body within minutes as it helps to replace fluids that are continually lost by our body due to exercise, exhaustion, stress, etc.
    • The citric acid in lemon juice helps to dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney stones.
    • Vitamin C in lemons helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease.
    • Lemon and mint tea can relieve bad breath caused by smoking, drinking alcohol or eating onions or garlic.
    • Lemon and mint tea is well known to calm stomach cramps at the time of menstruation.

    Drinking herbal tea such as Lemon and mint tea can be a great way of incorporating a good source of vitamins and minerals. Do try this and enjoy a healthy beverage.


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