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Toblerone Temptation Tea

Experience the delightful taste of holiday cheer in Toblerone Temptation Tea! Comfort and joy accompany each sip of this special blend of black tea and dark chocolate. Get an extra boost of energy to make it through the season with this indulgent tea. Enjoy it as a cup of frothy tea latte for the ultimate indulgence!  

What does it taste like?    

Deeply chocolate! What else would you expect from the Swiss? Astringent finish.

50g of this tea makes around 12-16 cups of tea 

Ingredients: Black tea, Cocoa, Real Toblerone Chocolate pieces (a milk product), Almond Nougat, Chamomile petals, Natural flavors ***NUT ALERT***

Antioxidant Level: High  |   Caffeine Content: Medium