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Detoxification is a key body function involving the elimination of metabolic waste and other toxins via the eliminatory organs- the skin and kidneys and especially the liver. As much as about 80% of all chemical processes that go on in your body involve detoxification activities and modern-day living has led to increased exposure to toxins. As well as the toxic by-products of our own metabolism, we are faced with toxins in what we eat and drink, as well as from alcohol, cigarettes, medical drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, not to mention pollution and environmental poisons.


Some critics consider that undergoing detox is not necessary as the body is inherently able to handle toxins efficiently. However, naturopaths believe that due to an ever-increasing exposure to toxicity than before there is a call for minimizing the burden on the liver. In fact, detoxing has always played a fundamental role in natural medicine. And moreover, cleansing programs have played a part of man's rituals for health and well-being as far back as 1800BC.

What are the signs you may need to detox?

There are many indications that your liver has become "sluggish" such as intolerance of alcohol and/or fatty foods, digestive problems like constipation, nausea, piles & bloating, low energy, headaches, irritability, skin conditions, aches and pains, P.M.S, high cholesterol, food intolerances and more. For instance, improving liver function helps to manage weight as the body will hold onto liquids as water retention or hold onto fat to store excess toxins it can't deal with. Hormonal problems like P.M.S can occur as the liver is not able to break down hormones efficiently and leading to an imbalance or accumulation of estrogen. Any organ or system of the body will be left vulnerable to toxicity if the liver is not able to break down toxins efficiently. 

The efficiency of each person's liver varies enormously, for example, someone with a sluggish liver may even struggle to process caffeine. Whether a substance is bad for you depends as much on your ability to detoxify it as on its inherent toxic properties.

This simple concept of detox is to achieve these aspects:

Reduce the number of toxins and pollution in our body to lessen the burden against the detoxification organs.
Promote healthy eating, nutrition and supplementation to help our body effectively clear the toxins

Herbal Tinctures Remain Potent For Up to Three Years
Great Benefits of Detox:

Improve our Immune Function
Scavenge free radicals and eliminate toxins
Strengthen body’s fight against cancer cells and generate healthy cells in our body
Cleanse mucous, congestion, fermentation, inflammation in our digestive tract
Purify our blood
Reform our lifestyle addictions for sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine, etc
From the 2 objectives and various benefits provide a strong healing process for our body. They strengthen our body to further cleanse out waste we have accumulated since childhood that has resulted in our body being congested, inflamed and damaged.
Once our body is not being kept busy dealing with the cleansing process, it can focus on doing the more important things like fighting back cancer and chronic degenerative diseases, restoring our health, and repairing the damage in our body.

Organic grain alcohol, water, organic and wildcrafted herbs of burdock root, buckthorn root, chaparral leaf, dandelion root, red clover blossoms, cascara sagrada, nettle leaf, milk thistle seeds, ginger root. Alcohol content 55% Shake before each use: Use 1 to 3 times per day, 20 drops (half a dropper full). Best if used under the tongue and held for 30 seconds, but can also be added to juice, water or hot tea.