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Hibiscus Instant Tea Powder

Instant tea powder is ideal for your busy lifestyle.  One cup of instant tea is delicious and convenient to prepare. You can easily enjoy tea even when you don’t have the time to brew a cup. It can be made with either hot or cold water and enjoyed as hot tea or iced tea. Our Hibiscus Instant Tea Powder is produced with all natural hibiscus (sorrel) for a deep, full-bodied taste and aroma. Making Jamaican sorrel drink has never been this easy.  Dissolves easily in either hot or cold water.  It dissolves much faster in hot water. Perfect for on the go.  Just add the desired amount of tea into a water bottle and shake or put it in a cup and stir vigorously. 

  • Only 1/2 teaspoon of the powder is needed to make a delicious cup of hot or iced tea.
  • Tastes like a fresh brew. Bold, full body, with notes of chai spices. Great to drink black or with milk.
  • The easiest solution for homemade iced tea.
  • No steeping or brewing is required. Simply pour our quality instant tea into your cup or mug, pour water, stir, and enjoy. The tea powder will dissolve in your water in seconds. 
  • Our premium instant tea is packaged in a resealable bag with a convenient zipper to keep your instant tea fresh when stored. 

Ingredients: Hibiscus petals, ginger powder

Antioxidant Level: High | Caffeine Content: None

  • SINGLE INGREDIENT – 100% hibiscus – pure – no sugar, sweeteners, fillers no artificial ingredients, or preservatives - organic compliant. 


  • All natural, non-GMO


  • HEALTHY- Enjoy all the benefits associated with tea, loaded with antioxidants


  • QUICK & CONVENIENT – Just add to HOT or COLD water, instantly dissolves, no brewing or steeping is required




  • SUGGESTED USES – Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Blended Tea Drinks, Jamaican Sorrel drink

  • INSTRUCTIONS – For hot tea, stir in 1/4 tsp of tea powder for every 8 ounces of hot water
How much caffeine is in the tea?


Steeping Instructions

Like it Hot? Add 1/2 to 1 scoop of tea powder to 1 cup of freshly boiled hot water (75C) and stir until dissolved. 

Like it Iced? Follow the hot instructions. Let the tea mixture cool. Pour over a glass filled with ice.