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Amazing Creme Brule Tea

Skip the dessert and enjoy this tasty treat with a roasted caramel finish. When we hear the word crème brûlée at the dinner table, our mouth starts to water!  A classic dessert that is not only tasty but very enjoyable.  You will enjoy this delicious pu-erh-style black tea that is rich and decadent! 

What does it taste like?  

Classic black tea taste with sweet roasted caramel   

  • Alertness
  • High antioxidants 
  • Energy

50g of this tea makes around 20-24 cups of tea

Ingredients: Black tea (Pu-erh style), Coffee pieces, Calendula, Sunflower petals, Natural Flavour 

Antioxidant Level: High |  Caffeine Content: Medium

Brewing instructions

  • Hot: Boil water, and brew for 2 - 3 minutes. Brew longer for a stronger tea.
  • Cold: Cold brew in 30 minutes.


IDEAL BREWING TEMPERATURE: 85ºC/185ºF. For Food Safety reasons bring water to 100ºC/212ºF and let it cool down to 85ºC/185ºF.





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