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July 31, 2019 2 min read

Calling all Caribbean’s and those who just love the music and vibe, it is that time of year again – CARIBANA! Grab your flags, dress in mas, and grab some tea this weekend. Yes, you heard me correctly grab some tea. Although tea might not fit with what you associate with Caribana I am about to change that. Caribana is a celebration of cultures with vibrancy and island flavour, much like The Amazing Tea Company’s top summer seller Caribbean Queen.

We are celebrating the vibrancy of Caribbean culture with a tea that is equally as beautiful and abundant with tropical flavour. The tea carries a strong tropical fruit aroma and a tangy mildly sweet taste and is even better as an iced tea! This caffeine free beauty includes; Apple, Rosehip, Pineapple, Hibiscus petals, Coconut pieces, Papaya pieces, Natural Flavors. Don’t worry though everyone we are not skipping out on the benefits although it is a summery fun.

Hibiscus flowers have many healing properties; helping to lower blood pressure is the first of a few. Several studies have found that hibiscus tea lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

What To Drink During Caribana Weekend in Toronto

The flower has been said to possibly have cancer fighting properties to it due to its high polyphenols, that are compounds that have been tested in cancer studies. Lastly hibiscus is a bacterium fighting tea! Bacteria is the cause to almost all infections so while you’re out dancing on the streets you can fight off any possible illness.

Hibiscus might be the front line of the show when it comes to benefits the "pawty" does not stop there! Drinking pineapple in tea carries some surprising benefits like the ability to improve and stabilize mood. Pineapple contains an active ingredient called bromelain which is directly connected to reducing inflammation making it a great tea for arthritis and joint pain. Pineapple tea helps to alleviate water retention and is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that clarifies and hydrates the body. You’re going to need that hydration for Caribana.

If you are ready to fete then Caribbean Queen is your best bet.

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