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July 25, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Tea is more than a drink that fits perfectly into the concept of a cozy evening with your family. It is also able to strengthen the immune system, improve mood, cope with insomnia and raise energy to the optimum level.

Some teas will not only improve your well-being but will make your skin smooth, velvety and radiant. These are rich with vitamins, amino acids, and catechism that slow down the aging process, stimulate the production of collagen in cells and reduce body fat.

  • Turmeric Spell - Organic

Have you ever tried a tea that has unrealistic effects and fallen in love at first sight? Perhaps felt like the tea had cast a spell on you! The aroma is combined with turmeric, sweet orange and high-grade black tea. TheTurmeric Spellincludes the ingredients marigold flower, turmeric pieces, pineapple piece, black tea, orange slices, mango pieces, natural flavors, and papaya pieces all of which are quite beneficial for the skin from the vitamin c. The best part of considering this tea is, you can drink it hot and cold! 

  • Ageless Aphrodite Amaranth - Organic

Those who want to look beautiful, prevent aging, acquire longevity, and improve their eyesight need to consider tea in which Amaranth is included. TheAgeless Aphrodite Amaranthtea helps to improve the vision and provide nutrients to the skin to look beautiful. Drinking this tea regularly will prevent facing fatigue during those midday slumps . The tea comes with a mild floral and refreshing flavour. Enhance your beauty with this tea!

  • Watch Me Dance

If you are experiencing acne problems and unpleasant skin lesions, seek help from tea - brewed lemongrass or chestnut. TheWatch Me Dancetea is caffeine free as well as comes with the richest of vitamin C. The tea is made up of Rooibos, snow chrysanthemum, lemongrass, ginger, turmeric root, hibiscus petals, and carrots. Carrots also provide vitamin A, which is a staple in a good skincare routine. Dance your way over to great skin days.

  • Sunrise Turmeric

A tea that makes you look just as beautiful as it does! For better skin care, it is essential to use theSunrise Turmerictea. We have talked about this tea in full detail before and all the benefits it provides the body but for a quick run down; turmeric, carrot, beetroot and pineapple provide the skin with essential antioxidants to clarify and repair. This tea will improve the turnover of skin cells and boost your mood all at once. Feel and look like the sunrise

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, phytonutrients, and the high antioxidant amount that help to boost the mood, decrease joint pain, improve human skin or provide relaxation to mind. Whenever to take this tea, you will feel motivation and inner satisfaction. 


Internal glow is also important just like outer glow. Make the healthier choice, pick a tea that will be beneficial to your skin. Teas that taste just as good as they will make you look - feel good and look beautiful. Visit The Amazing Tea Company website and add some skincare to your basket, a one stop shop for health, taste and beauty.

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Willa Cummings
Willa Cummings

August 06, 2019

Great blog, I will be trying a few of these. Thanks for all the great information and tips.

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