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TeaGram is a thoughtful presentation of gift giving ideas for those far and wide. TeaGram is a fun and innovative way to reach out to a loved one.  TeaGram specializes in loose leaf tea packages exclusively for that special moment no matter the occasion.

Tea gram packages

The items included in each TeaGram have been carefully selected to make the receiver smile because the package you sent included a product they will use and enjoy.

Tea Gram Packages

Our exceptional TeaGram care packages are carefully selected by you to convey your message of love, joy, happiness, hope, health. All our TeaGrams are personalized with your message and a postcard of your special moment.

Simply upload your picture and we create a beautiful postcard with your personalized message. Together with your tea of choice, we ship directly. We offer wellness Tea Gram,

and more. The perfect TeaGram for most occasions is available.