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Southern Sweet Tea

Enjoy a taste of traditional southern sweet tea, full-bodied and bursting with a flavor reminiscent of timelessness in the South. If you are fond of strong and distinctive original flavored teas? If yes, then this tea is for you.   

The Amazing Tea Company Cold Water Infusion Tea Bags, Southern Sweet Tea, 108 ct (6 packs with 18 tea bags per pack)

What does it taste like? 

With notes of berry and with a hint of sweet cinnamon.  

Ingredients: Black tea, Papaya pieces, Blackberry, Leaves, Lime leaves, Safflower petals, Natural flavors 

the amazing tea company tea bags non gmo biodegradable gluten free 

How to make the perfect cup!

By the glass: Add one tea bag per 12oz. of cold water. Infuse for at least 8 minutes, then squeeze the tea bag to release all the flavor! Like it stronger? Leave the tea bag in longer for more flavor. On the go: Add one tea bag to a water bottle with 12oz. of cold water. Infuse for at least 8 minutes.