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    Amaranth has the ability to promote longevity. Known for love and beauty, this tea is best known to prevent aging and is extremely good for your skin.  High in antioxidants, this infusion aids in liver detoxification and may help to improve vision and stops a cough dead in its track. Drink regularly to also help with fatigue and release tension.

    What does it taste like? 

    Refreshing and very mild flavour

    What are the benefits:

    ● Improves vision
    ● It’s caffeine-free, so you can drink as much as you would like.
    ● It's great for our skin.

    50g of this tea makes around 20-24 cups of tea 


    Ingredients: Amaranth petals 


    Antioxidant Level: High |  Caffeine Content: None  


    Steeping Instructions


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