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    I love you so much, that the universe has created a day just so that I can show you how much I do!  

    Each year on February 14th, so many of us go goofy over our loved ones.  It's the perfect time to express our affection.  We exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.”  And it's all done in the name of L - O - V - E. 

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    What is the Best Tea to Help Those With Cancer

    What is the Best Tea to Help Those With Cancer

    What is the Best Tea to Help Those With Cancer

    Most teas are made from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. White tea is made from the same plant. It is picked when the plant is very young. White tea is withered and dried only as opposed to the oxidized black teas. The buds and leaves go through very little processing; therefore, white tea contains high levels of polyphenols, which are naturally occurring nutrients that include catechins, tannins, theaflavins and flavonoids.

    This may be why scientists have found anti-cancer benefits in white tea; “White tea extract increased a specific type of cell death in laboratory cultures of two different types of non-small cell lung cancer cells, indicating that the tea may have an anti-cancer effect.”

    Another study that revealed similar cancer prevention benefits suggests that three cups of white tea a day is the recommended level of consumption.

    Once brewed, white tea is actually a light yellow color. Amazing Chai offers O’Cherry O’Rose Baby and Blushing Grapefruit among our delicate white teas. White is one of the best tea to drink, it’s subtle flavours – floral, sweet or spicy – in addition to the white tea benefits will easily make it one of your favourite tea.

    Green tea has also been proven to have cancer prevention benefits. Since green tea is high in polyphenols and is an anti-inflammatory, this tea can help prevent and slow the growth of cancer cells. Amazing Chai offers a large selection of green teas, start with one of our best organic green tea, start with Cheeky Cherry Bloom


    What are the Benefits of Drinking Tea

    What are the Benefits of Drinking Tea
    Feel Amazing Fuel With Tea
    Tea can heal the body. Tea will heal the body. These are powerful and affirmative words that I stand by. Why? Simply answer, it is the truth.

    As a child, I was always sick. I was an asthmatic. This disease brought me close to knocking on heaven’s door a few times.

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