Wellness Chai

Treat your body well - soothing and packed with the right combination of herbs and spices that will help fight inflammation.

Ingredients: Ginger, cinnamon pieces, licorice, fennel, orange peels, thyme, marshmallow root, turmeric, cardamom, black peppercorns, mullein flowers, and natural flavours.

Antioxidant Level: High / Caffeine Content:  Medium 

Like it Hot? Add 2 tsp for every 7-9 oz of boiling water.  Steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain it. Add milk and sugar(optional) to taste. Makes an excellent cup of Vanilla Chai Latte!

Like it Iced? Follow hot tea instructions, steep for 5 minutes, strain and sweeten (optional) to taste! Pour steeped tea over a 12oz cup filled with ice and enjoy the amazing flavour!