Cool Bella Tea - Organic Loose Leaf Tea

What does it taste like? 

Tangy fruits

What are the benefits:

  • Caffeine free
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Chicory root - provides healthy bacteria to aid in digestion 

50g of this tea makes around 12-16 cups of tea 

Ingredients: Apple, Rosehip, Chicory root, Orange pieces, Blackberry leaves, Hibiscus petals, Natural flavours.

Antioxidant Level: Low / Caffeine Content: None

Like it hot?Add 1 tsp. of loose leaf tea for every 7-9oz/ 200-260ml of water in teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over tea, steep 7 minutes. Garnish & Sweeten to taste!

Like it Iced? Pour 1 qt. of boiling water over 1 gallon tea bag. Let steep for 5-8 min. Remove bag. Dilute concentrate using 3 qt of cold water to 1 qt of concentrate. Add sugar to taste.Add 50% ice to the brewed tea and enjoy the amazing flavour!