Her Womb Tea

A unique blend of herbs for the female body.  

Made for the female body - for every woman
This tea blended for the purpose of treatment and as a preventive measure for the conditions which many women experience - such as
Balances Hormones; Helps control heavy menstrual cycle; Relief menstrual cramp; Detox and cleanse; may help to improve ovulation; Anaemia
Fertility issues; may help to regulate the menstrual cycle(irregular periods); Relieves PMS symptoms; may help to suppress fibroid growth.
All-natural and does not contain any chemical.No side effects and non-toxic. It is consists of pure herbs. It's is an organic herbal tea.No Caffeine, Kosher, Organic, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free.
No artificial colours, preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: Blackberry leaves, raspberry, ginkgo biloba leaves, nettle leaves, St. John’s wort, valerian root, mistletoe herb, lemongrass, willow bark, rose petals, safflowers, cornflowers.

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