Gyokuro Green - Organic

Packed with vitamin C Gyokuro Green tea has a truly satisfying light refreshing character. The tea has a pleasantly vegetative flavour. 
Prepare yourself for one of the truest expressions of tea craftsmanship on the planet. Organic Gyokuru, made according to exacting specifications that date to Japan‟s Edo period (1603–1868), offers a brew so pure, it is best enjoyed in the company of true tea connoisseurs. That's you right? We thought so!
Ships within 1 to 2 days
From: Japan
Region(s): Kagoshima Prefecture
Ingredients: Green tea
Antioxidant level: High
Caffeine level: Low

Steeping Instructions


Like it Iced? Follow the hot instruction, steep for 5 minutes, strain and sweeten (optional) to taste! Pour steeped tea over 16oz cup filled with ice, sip and enjoy.