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    Energy…we need it, we burn through it.

    A mixture of herbs infused to give you the energy to last for the whole day and beyond without that nervous jittery feelings! 

    What does it taste like?

    Full-bodied coupled with a refreshing lemon burst and delightful spearmint finish.

     What are the benefits:

    • Increase energy without jitters or a crash
    • Improve brain function and alertness
    • Stamina

    50g of this tea makes around 12-16 cups of tea 

    Antioxidant Level: Medium / Caffeine Content: Medium

    Ingredients: Green mate, Lemongrass, Spearmint leaves, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Nettle Pieces, Calendula, Cornflower, Sunflower petals.

    Like it Hot? Add 2 teaspoon for every 7-9 oz. water.  Steep 4 - 6 minutes. Strain and sweeten (optional) to taste.

    Like it Iced? Follow the hot instruction, steep for 5 minutes, strain and sweeten (optional) to taste! Pour steeped tea over 12 oz. cup filled with ice the and enjoy the amazing flavour! 

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