Disposable Hanging Drip Tea Bag Infuser

Enjoy your cup of loose leaf tea in an easy no-mess way.  These single-serve tea bags hang easily over your cup while steeping.  They are disposable and easy to use.   

  • Material type: Biodegradable filter tea infuser 
  • Food grade, non-toxic, disposable single-serve infuser bags
  • The unique design with a hanging hook attaches to the tip of the cup or kettle. 
  • The Easy pour over design allows for quick and easy steeping of the perfect cup of tea.  
  • Perfect for any setting at home, camping, travelling, or in the office or home office.
  • Prepack for easy travelling fits in your bag, backpack or purse.  Now you can enjoy your loose leaf tea on the go.

Colour:  White
Size:      74mm X 90mm