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    Amazing Benefits of Matcha Tea

    Amazing Benefits of Matcha Tea

    In addition to the fact that tea tastes great and makes you feel better, it can also be an aid to a healthy lifestyle. Various teas are known for their antioxidant profiles and immune boosting qualities. While there are many different types of tea, “Green tea” is especially popular and will be used as a point of reference in comparison to Matcha. Green tea has set a very high standard in terms of health benefits, largely because they contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) a type of catechin and antioxidant.

    What is the difference between matcha and green tea?

    Both matcha and green tea are obtained from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. Matcha is the result of a more refined and concentrated process.  “Matcha… is used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It is powdered, and the tea it makes has a smooth, mellow flavour that should not be bitter. Whisked into hot water with a tea whisk, the tea it produces should be foamy in texture. Its colour is green.”

    Studies have shown that the concentration EGCG is 137 times greater than EGCG found in China Green Tips green tea, and at least three times higher than other common green tea variations.


    Increased Metabolism

    As Matcha contains caffeine it provides a boosting effect on metabolism, meaning more calories burned! Which can assist in weight loss, moreover, it does so without increasing blood pressure.

    Synergy. Energy without Anxiety

    While Matcha does contain caffeine, which is great for increased energy and concentration, caffeine on its own is also known to increase anxiety.  However, Matcha also contains L-theanine, a relaxant that can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, promote alpha brain waves (associated with relaxation) and provide balance for the brain to avoid jitters. In combination the result is Increased energy without anxiety, work more and stress less.  

    Removes Toxic Elements!

    Antioxidants are known to help our body clear out free-radicals (or harmful chemicals), catechins are a type of natural phenol and antioxidant that is commonly found in plants. As stated, Matcha has an incredibly high amount of catechins

    Heart Disease

    A study published in JAMA in 2006 concluded that green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality due to cardiovascular disease and other causes, but not cancer.

    How to Make Best Matcha Latte?

    The procedure for making best matcha recipe is simple. All you need is to boil milk ( almond or soya milk are excellent options) over medium heat. Put 1 tablespoon of matcha powder in a cup and pour boiling water in it an almost 1/4th of a cup. Wisk into a creamy smooth mixture. After that, pour milk slowly to make foam. Add agave syrup (optional) and enjoy your natural energy drink!

    Where to buy the matcha

    Finding the All-Natural matcha powdered tea is literally a difficult task but we provide a trustworthy guarantee of our products that all our products are made totally from natural ingredients. We have a variety of teas on our website that you can get for your healthy diet!

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